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Our Partners

Our Business Solutions team is committed to supplying premium HVAC-R solutions to all of our partners the Institutional, Commercial, and Industrial markets throughout the entire sales value chain. We provide comprehensive training and support, and a variety of services including, but not limited to:

  • Industrial and Commercial Vibration & Noise Control
  • Design Build Project Support
  • Design Assistance for Smaller Applications
  • Product Selection and Technical Support
  • Project management for trouble-free delivery coordination
  • Start-up and Site Supervision
  • Product and System Training (onsite and remote)
  • HITACHI Certified Training Center (VRF)


Contractors are where the rubber meets the road. Whether your projects are plan-and-specification or design-build, Master can ensure that your projects are profitable and that you are successful. We provide technical and design support and equipment selections and project management support. We will work with you and your entire team and provide you with what you need throughout the project cycle from initial concept to installation and start-up support. We can also provide technical support and analyses to respond to questions from owners, engineers, or architects.


Architects deal with many complex requirements and systems. We provide local support directly through our Business Solutions sales offices (located coast-to-coast). We have a dedicated product management team and highly trained sales engineers to ask the right questions and help guide you towards the perfect product and system solutions. We work with our partners from the earliest stages of project development and design all the way through the start-up and commissioning. Finally, our wholesales division then works closely with contractors for the life of the equipment to provide additional guidance for parts, maintenance and eventually retrofit.

Building Owners

Building owners and developers drive projects. They secure financing and approvals and they assemble the project team and eventually they award the contract. Our team will work with you or your representative to provide the most efficient and/or cost-effective product and system recommendations. We will ensure that you get your products on time and on budget to successfully realize your vision.


Engineers need to figure out how everything is going to actually work and are responsible for designing systems and equipment that provide comfortable and safe indoor environments. The Master team will provide you detailed knowledge on our products (technical specifications, performance capabilities, strengths, and limitations). We have experience with design and installation and will provide you with the guidance and recommendations on how to best integrate our products into a comprehensive system. We will work closely with you to understand your requirements and provide you with the best possible recommendations and support (engineering calculations, data sheets, design tools and selections) to help create accurate and effective designs. We are committed to quickly providing expert knowledge and guidance on the products and systems and support throughout the design and installation process.

Facilities Manager

Facilities managers often need to live with the decisions of others and need a partner that is knowledgeable about the latest industry trends and technologies. Master can provide information about our products and services and help you choose the best options for your facility. We can answer any questions you have and provide technical support as needed. Additionally, we will also work closely with you to develop a customized plan for your facility and provide ongoing support to ensure that our products and systems are functioning properly.